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Administrative management

The city of Norderstedt has a full-time administration. On 9 May 2010, the citizens of Norderstedt elected Mr Hans-Joachim Grote as mayor of their city for the third time running. His new term of office began on 1 December 2010. He is in charge of the administration with approx. 1,200 employees.

Mayor Grote is responsible for handling all tasks objectively, preparing the decisions of the city council and representing the city of Norderstedt together with the head of the local council.

The mayor has the sole responsibility over Department I (central governance, sustainable Norderstedt, auditing, data processing, citizen centre, accountancy, fire brigade, ambulance service and emergency services).

Department II comprises the sectors youth, schools, day nurseries, sports and culture and is managed by the second city councillor, Ms Anette Reinders.

The first city councillor, Mr Thomas Bosse, is in charge of the department for urban planning (Department III), which deals with utilities and waste management, urban planning, traffic, nature, landscape, environment, building regulations law and building construction.

The department heads are voted into office by the city council and are not subject to directives. Their term of office lasts 6 years.

To the administrative structure

Oberbürgermeister Grote


Hans-Joachim Grote

Mayor of the city of Norderstedt


In the following, you will find an overview of the mayors and formers mayors of the city of Norderstedt. more...