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The administrative structure

The government of the city of Norderstedt is divided into three departments. The departments are managed by the mayor and the two full-time city councillors. In the following, you will find an overview of the departments.

Department 1

Department 1 is managed by the mayor, Hans-Joachim Grote. 

Oberbürgermeister Grote

  Hans-Joachim Grote

  Department I  
  Rathausallee 50
  22846 Norderstedt  

  Tel. 040 - 535 95 306                    



Department II

Department II is managed by the second city councillor, Anette Reinders.

Zweiter Stadtrat Reinders


Anette Reinders

Department II
second city councillor
Rathausallee 50
22846 Norderstedt

Tel. 040 - 535 95 162




Department III

Department III is managed by the first city councillor, Thomas Bosse. 

Erster Stadtrat Bosse

Thomas Bosse

Department III
first city councillor 
Rathausallee 50
22846 Norderstedt

Tel. 040 - 535 95 213