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Participatory budget

The Norderstedt city council has decided to include the citizens into the budget discussions.

The budgetary situation in many municipalities increasingly requires us to reassess certain expenditures, but also to create additional revenue opportunities. This development also affects the city of Norderstedt, despite all efforts to operate a sustainable and sound financial management.

The city of Norderstedt cannot always directly influence the reasons behind this development. Thus, for example, due to the increasing district levy and new state and federal provisions, the city will face additional financial strain in the coming years. Consequently, we need to compensate – either with cuts or with additional revenue.

We have therefore initiated the participatory budget and a forum, where the citizens of Norderstedt are invited to actively participate in the budget discussions, thus giving the administration and the policy makers important guidelines for which decisions to make.

To this end, for the first time ever, we established a participation portal for the budget 2012/2013. This portal enabled citizens to post their suggestions online, evaluate posted suggestions and to take part in the discussion.

You can look at the results of this participation at www.buergerhaushalt-norderstedt.de/alle-vorschlaege2