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Cars and car sharing

LKW auf der Rathausallee  

Norderstedt is well connected to the national road network. For example, the A 7 motorway passes the city in the west. Taking the motorway exit Quickborn is ideal for reaching the north of Norderstedt; taking the motorway exit Hamburg-Schnelsen-Nord is ideal for reaching the south of the city. The main road B 432 passes the city in the south and connects Norderstedt to the district capital of Bad Segeberg.

In addition, Norderstedt has some great offers for people who want to use cars more responsibly:

When you choose to do car sharing, you can take advantage of a vehicle whenever you need one. This is the low-cost alternative to owning a car.

If you don’t want to go to work on your own in the mornings, why not take a look at the commuters’ portal “Pendlerportal Schleswig-Holstein”.

Norderstedt also offers a number of options for people who like to use a mix of means of transport. Here you will find all the information you need on the Park & Ride facilities in Norderstedt. These offer plenty of space to park your vehicle and then to continue on foot or by train.