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Norderstedt is characterized by the merger of four formerly independent villages ( Friedrichsgabe , Glassworks, Garstedt Harksheide ) . On the green lawn of the new district of Norderstedt-Mitte has emerged as cultural and administrative center.Although the city structure, with its local shopping centers and district centers provides the ability to do many things in the immediate vicinity and without a car , Norderstedt occupies a top position in the car density with about 700 cars per 1,000 inhabitants.As a "city of short distances" shops, offices and facilities are centrally located , all other destinations can be easily reached by bicycle, by public transport or on foot. Night bus services provide a homecoming without a car . In addition to bus and train Norderstedt is a public bicycle system with six stations . A well-developed and signposted cycle route network also eases travel in the city. If you still do not want to do without the car , finds plenty of parking in the city and at public transport stops . Another way is membership at Green Wheels .Keeps you right in "Mobile in Norderstedt ," we've put together for you on these pages of useful advice and information on all modes of transport - of the current traffic situation to the subjects itineraries .


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The city of Norderstedt informs you about the current traffic situation in Norderstedt and Schleswig-Holstein roads and railways.



Norderstedt offers charming topographical and infrastructural conditions for cyclists.

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Norderstedt is a member of HVV and has two high-speed trains and numerous bus lines.

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Norderstedt offers good road infrastructure and central P & R facilities. In addition, car-sharing is possible.


The tasks of the Transport Planning part of the design of transportation concepts and systems.


Civil engineering is creating the basis for your mobility on the roads, sidewalks, bridges.