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Economy & traffic

With 75,000 inhabitants, Norderstedt is the fifth largest city in Schleswig-Holstein. Due to the fact that large national and international companies have settled here, Norderstedt is well known as a business location.

Its close proximity to Hamburg and the port of Hamburg, its direct connection to the airport and its two A7 motorway connections to Scandinavia are the city’s most important advantages and make for a great business location.

Nordport Tower


Concentrating the powers of the city and its economy together with strong partners. Developing new and innovative ideas and creating a robust location.



In order to keep you “mobile in Norderstedt”, we have collected useful tips and information on the topic of traffic.

Bahnhof Norderstedt-Mitte

Become a part of Norderstedt and locate your business here.

Stadtwerke Eingang

An overview of all municipal businesses.


Simply call and set off.


In the following, you will find an overview of construction/maintenance work currently being undertaken on major roads and transport connections.