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Kulturbüro Norderstedt [office for cultural matters]

“People enjoy life through art.” (Bertholt Brecht)

The office for cultural matters in Norderstedt coordinates, organises and initiates cultural events. This includes exhibitions at the town hall gallery, plays and concerts for adults and children as well as various special events. The Kulturbüro Norderstedt is also the editor of the “Seniorenwegweiser” [guide for senior citizens] and the brochure “Kreative Hits für Kids und junge Leute” [creative hits for kids and young people].

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Theatre, concerts and cinema

Norderstedt has a highly diverse theatre and concert scene. The cinema in Norderstedt-Mitte shows all the latest films.

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Recognised culture supporters

Within the context of furthering art and culture, currently 33 societies are recognised as culture supporters by the city of Norderstedt and receive financial aid and advice from the office for cultural matters.

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The culture newspaper “Kultur in Norderstedt” [culture in Norderstedt] appears bi-monthly and is distributed to all households in Norderstedt and to selected communities in the surrounding area.

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The event flyer lists all events organised by the office for cultural matters at the venues Kulturwerk am See and Festsaal am Falkenberg.

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There are more than 200 works of public art in Norderstedt. They are publicly accessible, tangible, they are great fun to explore, and they tell stories about the cultural and historical development of the city.


Like many other villages and cities in Germany, Norderstedt has put the European idea into practice. Do date, Norderstedt is twinned with Maromme/France, Oadby and Wigston/England, Zwijndrecht/Netherlands and Kohtla-Järve/Estonia.



Weitere Ansprechpartnerinnen

Frau Clausen
Tel. 040 - 535 95 165
E-Mail: katja.clausen@norderstedt.de

Frau Wehder
Tel. 040 - 535 95 166
E-Mail: sabine.wehder@norderstedt.de

Frau Ahrens-Rapude
Tel. 040 - 535 95 190
E-Mail: silke.ahrens-rapude@norderstedt.de