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Recognised culture supporters of the city of Norderstedt

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Culture supporters in Norderstedt are culturally active societies that have, until further notice, been officially recognised by the culture committee. Requests for recognition are to be made to the Norderstedt culture committee/culture office. You will need to include a copy of the society’s rules, an excerpt from the society’s register and a written presentation of the society. The city of Norderstedt helps the recognised culture supporters with advice and funding within the framework of the annual budget for cultural matters.

Currently, there are 31 recognised culture supporters. Once a year, under the motto of “Bühne frei!!!”, they present themselves to the public with stage shows and info stalls at the Kulturwerk am See.

To the culture support guidelines

Recognised culture supporters

Briefmarkenfreunde Norderstedt und Umgebung e.V. [stamp collectors]
Every Monday from 5.30 pm, the city’s stamp enthusiasts come together in the town hall to swap stamps and to meet likeminded people. The town hall regularly hosts big swapping events.

CHAVERIM - Freundschaft mit Israel e.V. [friendship with Israel society]
The non-party and non-religious society CHAVERIM – Freundschaft mit Israel e.V. wants to build up friendly relations with Israel by celebrating the country’s art, its culture, its religious sites, its cities, its modern, secular life, its science and its economy. It also wants to bear the holocaust, the Shoah, in remembrance.

Chorgemeinschaft «Alster Nord» [community choir]
The community choir “Alster Nord” was founded in 1961, a merger between the two men’s choirs MGV Friedrichsgabe/Harksheide and MGV Tangstedt. Valentina Barth is the director. The choir is highly active locally and has a very diverse repertoire. Every music enthusiast is free to join, giving everyone the possibility to actively spend their leisure time in a friendly community. Within the Chorgemeinschaft “Alster Nord”, there is a mixed Low German choir: “De Steertpoggsängers”. The choir currently has 33 members and sings under the direction of Valentina Barth. Rehearsals take place every Tuesday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm at the AWO-Haus, Cordt-Buck-Weg, 22844 Norderstedt. The choir mainly sings Low German songs, but also a few songs in standard German. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the choir spokesperson, Herrmann Todt. Tel.: 040 - 5256514.


ChorusMind - Norderstedter Pop- und Gospelchor e.V. [pop and gospel choir]
The choir was founded in 2000 and has since given a number of concerts in and around Norderstedt. For example, the regularly held annual concerts. The choir aims to stimulate the local musical culture with classical, pop and gospel songs.


Christuskantorei Norderstedt [church choir]
All singing enthusiasts (preferably with choir experience) are welcome to join us!


Eine Welt für Alle e.V. [charity]
The charity’s aim and purpose is to further all measures that ensure an effective help for the people in so-called third world countries. The charity follows the guidelines set out by UN action plan Agenda 21 and promotes international understanding.

Förderverein Feuerwehrmuseum “Hof Lüdemann“ e.V. [friends' association for the fire brigade museum]
The association was founded in 1987 as a citizens’ initiative with great involvement of the local volunteer fire brigade. Its aim was to restore the old “Lüdemann” farm and to open a fire brigade museum there. The association now has approx. 500 members and continues to maintain the Lüdemann farm and the fire brigade museum.

Fotoclub Norderstedt e.V. [photography club]
The members of the photography club meet regularly several times a month at the Kunsthaus Norderstedt. Here they discuss works, swap experiences, review pictures, organise talks and prepare exhibitions. Analogue photography in black and white or in colour is just as welcome here as digital photography. The club also organises regular excursions and long-term photography projects under certain mottos.


Frauenchor Norderstedt v. 1986 [women's choir]
Singing in a choir is great fun! We are a singing community. Folk songs, gospels, classical songs and old pop songs make up our colourful repertoire. Practice times: Wednesdays 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm in Cordt-Buck-Weg 38 in Norderstedt. Singing is understanding! Singing in a choir is fun and you’re sure to find some lovely new friends!


Friendship Force Norderstedt e.V. [international friendship association]
The Friendship Force is a private exchange organisation that furthers international understanding. The Friendship Force idea is simple: people from all over the world come together to get to know one another, to chat and to make friends.

Heimatbund Norderstedt e. V. [local heritage association]
The association’s purpose is to maintain German culture with a Schleswig-Holstein character and to further heritage awareness as well as environmental and nature protection. This is realised, for example, by teaching Low German and Low German culture to children and adults, by organising seminars and excursions, by giving out information and publications, by restoring and signposting important historical buildings and sites as well as by furthering nature and environmental protection through advice, surveys and active participation.


Interessengemeinschaft für Paläontologie & Geologie Norderstedt [palaeontology and geology syndicate]
The palaeontology and geology syndicate Interessengemeinschaft für Paläontologie & Geologie Norderstedt (IPGN) was founded in 1990. Its aim is to offer everyone interested in the prehistory of our area a forum for discussions and for knowledge transfer. Every year, the IPGN organises a programme of six scientific talks on geological and palaeontological topics.

Johanneskantorei Norderstedt [church choir]
The mixed choir was founded in 1968 by the choirmaster and organist Lothar Fuhrmann. Since August 2003 to December 2014, the choir is under the direction of Almut Stümke. Since January 2015 Maria Jürgensen is leading now the choir. In addition to performing at special services at Johanniskirche, the 70-strong choir also gives themed a-capella concerts and sings more substantial works such as “Elijah” or “St. Paul” by Mendelssohn-Bartholdi, “Gloria” by Vivaldi and “The St. John Passion” and the “Christmas Oratorio” by J. S. Bach. Choir practice times: Mondays 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm at the Johanneskirche community hall (Bahnhofstraße). 


 Kunstkreis Norderstedt e.V. [art society]
The art society Kunstkreis Norderstedt was founded in 1970 and has over 150 members – active artists and art enthusiasts in the broadest sense. The society’s priorities: maintaining art discussion groups, organising exhibitions (members and guests) and offering art classes at the Kunsthaus Norderstedt.


Malimu Kulturverein e.V. [cultural club]
Fine arts, literature and music – the club’s aim is to support and stimulate these pillars of culture in Norderstedt. The club organises free member exhibitions, meetings for members and guests at the arts venue Kunsthaus Norderstedt on the last Thursday of every month, discussion groups, literary readings with live music, talks and creative Saturday/weekend seminars.


Musikverein Norderstedt e.V. [wind music society]
Wind music enthusiasts of every genre come together in the society Musikverein Norderstedt e.V.: The symphonic wind orchestra Symphonisches Blasorchester Norderstedt (SBN) plays on the highest level in Germany. The society’s Bläserkids are the society’s school orchestra – here our youngest musical talents play together just after their basic instrumental training. Our youth orchestra is called Junges Blasorchester Norderstedt (JuBlaNo), and the Fishhead Horns Big Band is a very successful big band that performs all throughout Northern Germany.


Music-Werkstatt e.V. [music society]
The society wants to promote musical culture in the Norderstedt area by organising cultural events, shows, discussion groups and by furthering musical contacts.


Neues Theater Norderstedt e.V. [theatre company]
The amateur company Neues Theater Norderstedt was founded in 1885. It offers modern theatre for children, youths and adults.

Norderstedter Amateur-Theater v. 1947 e.V. [amateur theatre company]
The amateur theatre company Norderstedter Amateur-Theater is the city’s oldest company. The company primarily performs Low German comedies and, around Christmas, fairy tales for children.


NOWI (Norderstedter Ost-West-Integration) e.V. [East-West integration society]
The society mainly supports people from Russian-speaking countries, who have come to live in Norderstedt. Its members help them with settling in and with integrating into German society.


Parforcehorn Corps Norderstedt e.V. [horn music]
The Parforcehorn Corps Norderstedt plays traditional 18th and 19th century hunting music. This includes classical horn music pieces by German composers.

Phoenix Performance Ensemble e.V. [marching band]
Phoenix Performance Ensemble is an American-style marching band. The band’s unique sound is created by its wind musicians and percussionists. Modern musical arrangements make up the band’s core repertoire. The society teaches how to read and play music and techniques for playing in show and marching bands. 


 Schl.-H. Universitätsgesellschaft Kiel/Sektion Norderstedt [university society]
The university society Schleswig-Holsteinische Universitäts-Gesellschaft (SHUG) was founded in 1918 and is composed of sponsors and friends of the University of Kiel (CAU). It sees itself as a link between the state university and the people of Schleswig-Holstein. The Norderstedt branch was founded in 1965 as the Harksheide branch. During the winter semester from September to March, the society organises five to six lectures.


Soziales Zentrum Norderstedt e.V. [social centre]
The social centre Soziales Zentrum Norderstedt e.V. supports cultural and social contacts between people. It especially furthers culture, democratic initiatives and the spreading of authentic information.


Stichling Norderstedt, Aquarien- und Terrarienfreunde v. 1980 e.V. [aquarium and terrarium society]
There are many reasons for joining an aquarium society. Fishkeeping is a highly diverse and vastly interesting occupation. The aim of the aquarium society is to make this hobby even more varied and fascinating.


Tanks Theater Norderstedt e.V. [theatre company]
The theatre company Tanks Theater Norderstedt is committed to Low German. Author and founder of the theatre company, Norbert Tank, stages both his own plays and works by other playwrights.


Theater Life - jung und creativ in Norderstedt e.V. [youth theatre company]
The theatre company Theater Life is an amateur troupe that focuses especially on working with children and youths.
Several groups of Children and youths stage and rehearse plays – both existing plays with set texts and devised pieces. In rehearsals, great value is set upon character development, presence, learning to work in an ensemble and having fun.


Theater Pur - Junges Theater Norderstedt e.V. [theatre company]
The theatre company Theater Pur offers modern theatre for children, youths and adults. English language plays are also staged.


Türkisch-Deutscher Freundschafts- und Kulturverein Norderstedt und Umgebung e.V. [Turkish-German friendship and culture society]
The Turkish-German friendship and culture society Türkisch-Deutscher Freundschafts- und Kulturverein Norderstedt und Umgebung e.V. was founded in 1991 by Turkish citizens living in Norderstedt. The society’s aim is to develop and maintain good-neighbourly contacts and friendships between the Turkish and German citizens in and around Norderstedt. Another emphasis lies on promoting and keeping up Turkey’s rich tradition and beautiful culture and to introduce it into the cultural life of the city.


TuRa Harksheide e. V. / Spielmannszug [marching band]
The marching band plays pop songs and marches, both from sheet music and by heart. The band performs at lantern processions and carnival parades and takes part in music festivals (with and without judging).  The marching band also teaches music.