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Norderstedt regularly hosts exhibitions at various venues with a wide range of works by regional and national artists.

You can find out what’s currently on in our events calendar.



Feuerwehrmuseum Schleswig-Holstein [fire brigade museum]
Everything you need to know about fire can be explored at the Feuerwehrmuseum Schleswig-Holstein. There are many exhibits and plenty of information on the development of fire prevention and fire safety, while taking technical and cultural history into account. More...

Fotoclub Norderstedt e.V. [photography club]
The members of the photography club meet regularly several times a month at the Kunsthaus Norderstedt. Here they discuss works, swap experiences, review pictures, organise talks and prepare exhibitions. Analogue photography in black and white or in colour is just as welcome here as digital photography. More...

Kulturbüro Norderstedt [office for cultural matters]
The Kulturbüro Norderstedt both initiates exhibitions and cooperates with and supports others. More...

Kunstkreis Norderstedt e.V. [art society]
The Kunstkreis Norderstedt e.V. was founded in 1970 and supports the fine arts in and around the city. Its members are professional artists, self-taught artists and art enthusiasts. The society offers a foundation for dialogues and discussions on fine art topics. More...


Malimu Kulturverein e.V. [cultural club]
Founded in 1988, the club is devoted to the fine arts, literature and music. The club’s aim is to support and stimulate these pillars of culture in Norderstedt. Free member exhibitions at the town hall and the city museum, seminars and workshops on all culture-related topics, literary readings and tutorials, as well as musical seminars and concerts are among the key activities of the club. More...

Malstudio Norderstedt [painting studio]
The Malstudio Norderstedt is a group of artists, who meet up at their studio every week to discuss art and to support one another – both on a theoretical level and in practice. Every year, the Malstudio organises a joint exhibition on a chosen topic – a challenge that is always very popular. The group comes together every Tuesday at 6.30 pm at the studio in Ulzburger Straße 4 (Gewerbehof). New members are always very welcome. For more information, please contact Sonja Lampen.
Tel.: 040 - 524 04 63
Email: s.g.lampen@wtnet.de

Stadtbücherei Norderstedt [city library]
All year round, the library hosts book exhibitions on various topics, often with accompanying reading lists. A real must-see is the annual exhibition “Die schönsten deutschen Bücher” [the best German books] by the charity Stiftung Buchkunst. More...

Stadtmuseum Norderstedt und Stadtarchiv [city museum and city archive]
In addition to the permanent exhibition on the history of the city of Norderstedt, its founding communities and its cultural history, there are always a number of special exhibitions on various cultural heritage and arts-related topics. More...


Volkshochschule Norderstedt [adult education centre]
The adult education centre Volkshochschule Norderstedt regularly presents the art works that come out of art classes, but it also hosts exhibitions on scientific and social topics. More...