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Public art


     citizens in the park


  Grundschule Harkshörn
Buerger im Park   
kunstobjekt schulzentrum nord
© Fotoclub Norderstedt 
Sonnenuhr Grundschule Harkshörn
© Fotoclub Norderstedt 

There are more than 200 works of public art in Norderstedt. They are publicly accessible, tangible, they are great fun to explore, and they tell stories about the cultural and historical development of the city. In 1976, 1980 and 1985, Norderstedt organised sculptors’ symposia with national and international artists, which led to a number artworks being bought by the city. Apart from the city, mainly private property developers were interested and invested in artworks that then found new homes in recently built residential quarters. Together with the objects that were created as “art in architecture”, these artworks – combined with the new developments and the greenways – characterise the city of Norderstedt. A large proportion of public art in Norderstedt was created as “art in architecture” in conjunction with new public buildings, especially schools. These works generally have a decorative character. The change of the school system in 2006 gave a new impulse for public art: when new refectories and classroom extensions were built for existing schools, funds for art also became available. In 2009, for example, an outdoor object that can also be used as a bench was created by Thomas Behrendt together with the pupils of the Lessing-Gymnasium.

The office for cultural matters in Norderstedt has documented this development. A selection of the city’s more than 200 public artworks are presented in this brochure – with images and accompanying texts. For a nominal charge of 3.00 EUR, you can buy this documentation from the office for cultural matters or the city museum Norderstedt, Friedrichsgaber Weg 290. 


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