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Theatre, concerts and cinema


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Norderstedt has a highly diverse theatre scene. In addition to the great number of professional companies, who regularly visit, there is a lively community of amateur theatre groups.




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The people of Norderstedt, both young and old, love music. That is why you can find absolutely every musical genre in the city – from renaissance music to heavy metal. Listen to your favourite music at concerts or learn to play yourself! Norderstedt has a whole variety of choirs, orchestras and bands you can join.


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And the cinema Spectrum-Kino Center shows all the latest films.




You can find out what’s currently on in our events calendar


Kulturbüro [office for cultural matters]
Every season, the Kulturbüro Norderstedt compiles an interesting and varied programme of events for adults and children. More... 

Kulturwerk am See [cultural venue]
In March 2012, the venue Kulturwerk am See opened as a new and inspiring space for culture, business and society in Norderstedt. More...

Lebenshilfe Norderstedt [association for disabled people]The association is committed to helping mentally disabled people and their families. The Norderstedt branch of the association has two groups that are culturally active: the band “Thimata” and the theatre company “Die bunten Murmeln”. More...

Neues Theater Norderstedt e.V. [theatre company]
The amateur company Neues Theater Norderstedt was founded in 1985. More...

Norderstedter Amateurtheater von 1947 e.V. [theatre company]
Twice a year, the city’s oldest amateur theatre company puts on a show: in spring and in autumn. More...
Tanks Theater Norderstedt e.V. [theatre company]
The theatre company Tanks Theater Norderstedt exclusively performs plays in Low German. More...  
Theater Life – jung & creativ e.V. [theatre company]
The theatre company Theater Life is an amateur troupe that focuses especially on working with children and youths. More... 
Theater Pur – Junges Theater Norderstedt e.V. [theatre company]
The theatre company Theater Pur – Junges Theater Norderstedt puts on shows for children and adults. More... 
TriBühne Norderstedt [cultural venue]
The cultural venue TriBühne Norderstedt regularly plays host to professional companies. More... 

Christmas fairy tale
The theatre companies Neues Theater Norderstedt, Theater Pur – Junges Theater Norderstedt, Theater Life – jung & creativ in Norderstedt and Norderstedter Amateurtheater v. 1947 regularly perform Christmas fairy tales, the German equivalent to Panto.


Here you can find a list of groups that give concerts in Norderstedt.

Chorgemeinschaft “Alster Nord” [choir]
The community choir Chorgemeinschaft “Alster Nord” performs German and European folk songs and regularly gives concerts. Within the Chorgemeinschaft “Alster Nord”, there is a mixed Low German choir: “De Steertpoggsängers”. The choir mainly sings Low German songs, but also a few songs in standard German. Speaking Low German is not a prerequisite to join the choir. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the choir spokesperson, Herrmann Todt. Tel.: 040 - 5256514.

Adolf Wenthe
Birkenweg 2 A
22850 Norderstedt
Tel. 040 - 5263586
Email: adolf.wenthe@wtnet.de

Chorus Mind – Norderstedt pop and gospel choir
The choir was founded in 2000 and has since given a number of concerts in and around Norderstedt. For example, the regularly held annual concerts. The choir aims to stimulate the local musical culture with classical, pop and gospel songs. More...

Christuskantorei Norderstedt [church choir]
The Christuskirche church choir has a long tradition and, since August 2009, it is under the direction of Paul Fasang. Our repertoire is primarily made up of the rich and varied stock of traditional church music from Early Baroque times to the 20th century, but we have also been known to indulge in other genres. Regular practice times: Wednesdays 7.45 pm – 9.30 pm. We welcome everybody who enjoys singing! It is great if you already have experience with singing in a choir, but it is not a prerequisite.

 c/o Kirchenbüro
Kirchenstr. 12
22848 Norderstedt
Telephone: 040 - 523 17 15
Fax: 040 - 523 85 585

Frauenchor Norderstedt v. 1986 [women’s choir]
Singing in a choir is great fun! We are a singing community. Folk songs, gospels, classical songs and old pop songs make up our colourful repertoire. Practice times: Wednesdays 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm in Cordt-Buck-Weg 38 in Norderstedt. Singing is understanding! Singing in a choir is fun and you’re sure to find some lovely new friends!

Erika Ilschner
Alter Heidberg 41
22846 Norderstedt
Telephone: 040 - 522 34 68
Email: erika@ilschner.de

Johanneskantorei Norderstedt [church choir]
The mixed choir was founded in 1968 by the choirmaster and organist Lothar Fuhrmann. Since August 2003, the choir is under the direction of Almut Stümke. More...

Kammerchor consonare [chamber choir]
The choir was founded on 27 February 2009 in Norderstedt. Its aim is to further choir singing and choir concerts More...

Kulturbüro [office for cultural matters]
Every season, the Kulturbüro Norderstedt compiles an interesting and varied concert programme More...

Lebenshilfe Norderstedt [association for disabled people]
The association is committed to helping mentally disabled people and their families. The Norderstedt branch of the association has two groups that are culturally active: the band “Thimata” and the theatre company “Die bunten Murmeln”. More...

Musikschule Norderstedt [music school]
Under the motto “From Renaissance to Rock – professional music lessons for all the family”, approx. 1.900 students are taught at the music school. More than 50 highly qualified music teachers give individual, group and class lessons. The subjects include over 20 different instruments, musical education for pre-school children and musical theatre. A number of music ensembles, choirs and a symphony orchestra are also part of the school. More...  

Musikverein Norderstedt e.V. [wind music society]
Wind music enthusiasts of every genre come together in the Musikverein Norderstedt e.V. More...

Music-Werkstatt e.V. [music society]
The society Music-Werkstatt wants to give everyone the chance to explore “honest and handmade” music. To this end, the society hosts regular concerts at the Music Star with top national and international musicians. More...

Norderstedter Männerchorgemeinschaft [men’s choir]
In 1995, the Garstedter Männergesangsverein, (founded in 1909, later renamed Norderstedter Männerchor) and the Männergesangsverein Volkslied Ochsenzoll (founded in 1913), decided to team up to form the men’s choir Norderstedter Männerchorgemeinschaft. Ever since, more than 30 singing enthusiasts have been meeting every Thursday at 8.00 pm at the Altentagesstätte Kirchenstraße to practice folk songs, shanties and traditional, classical and modern songs

Bernd Meyer
Sarenweg 116
22397 Hamburg
Telephone: 040 - 607 17 62

Norderstedter Sinfonieorchester [symphony orchestra]
We work on cross-generational pieces for a large symphony orchestra and give regular concerts. More...

N-Voices [music school pop choir]
N-Voices is a semi-professional choir. Practice times: Thursdays 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm at Musikschul-Kubus, Am Kulturwerk 2. More...

Parforcehorn Corps Norderstedt e.V. [horn music]
The Parforcehorn Corps Norderstedt plays traditional 18th and 19th century hunting music. This includes classical horn music pieces by German composers.

Hans Löffka
Schulweg 4
24568 Oersdorf
Telephone: 04191 - 2586
Fax: 04191 - 89060

Shanty choir "Moorbekshipper” 
The shanty choir “Moorbekshipper” Norderstedt was founded in 2006 and is the city’s first shanty choir. The choir is currently made up of 35 singers and musicians and enjoys keeping up the tradition of singing German sailors’ songs as well as international maritime songs. More...

Stadtbücherei Norderstedt [city library]
The city library also regularly hosts concerts. The city library Norderstedt Garstedt, for example, regularly hosts the event “Texte und Töne” [texts and sounds]. More...

TriBühne Norderstedt [cultural venue]
The cultural venue TriBühne Norderstedt regularly hosts concerts More...

TuRa Harksheide – Spielmannszug [marching band]
If you love music and would like to join our youth marching band, you are very welcome.More...

Twinkle Stars Norderstedt e.V. [marching band]
Twinkle Stars Norderstedt is an American-style marching band that plays modern compositions. More...