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Venues and bookings

All across Norderstedt, there are many different venues that can be used for staging plays, concerts, AGMs, works meetings, seminars, fairs, club get-togethers, readings and further education events. In the following, you will find a selection of these venues.

TriBühne Norderstedt [cultural venue]


TriBühne Norderstedt is a multifunctional event centre that can easily adapt to your needs. It offers rooms for staging plays and concerts, fairs, AGMs, works meetings and seminars. More...

Festsaal am Falkenberg [cultural venue]

You can book rooms for conferences, seminars etc. We are happy to help you with the planning and execution of your event. We regret to say that we cannot host private parties.

Address: Festsaal am Falkenberg, Langenharmer Weg 90, 22844 Norderstedt

Mr Kroeger
Tel. 040 - 535 95 167

Mrs Tietgen
Tel. 040 - 535 95 168

E-Mail: r-o@norderstedt.de

Festsaal am Falkenberg, Tel. 040 - 521 13 50

GTC/rates [PDF: 122 kB]
Technische Informationen Festaal am Falkenberg [PDF: 112 kB]

Kulturwerk am See [cultural venue]

© Mehrzwecksäle Norderstedt GmbH 


In March 2012, the new cultural venue Kulturwerk am See was opened. It hosts art, cultural and media events. The former lime sandstone works can also be booked for conferences and private events. The large hall offers room for up to 450 people, and the Alfred-Stern-Studio can accommodate 130 guests. The foyer, just under 100 m long and flooded with light, also makes for an adaptable venue for exhibitions and festivities. More...


Visitor address
Am Kulturwerk 1
22844 Norderstedt
For your sat nav: Stormarnstr. 55
Tel. 040 – 30 987 900 (Abendkasse) 
Mr Lembke
Tel. 040 – 30 987 901
E-Mail: info@kulturwerk-am-see.de

Usage application form for the venue Kulturwerk am See

Feuerwehrmuseum Schleswig-Holstein [fire brigade museum]

Feuerwehrmuseum Plambeck-Halle01
© Feuerwehrmuseum Schleswig-Holstein 

Everything you need to know about fire can be explored at the Feuerwehrmuseum Schleswig-Holstein.  The museum restaurant “Kneipe im Museum” is right next to it. More...

Stadtmuseum Norderstedt [city museum]

Stadtmuseum eingang
© Bernhard Luther 



The permanent exhibition on the history of Norderstedt, interesting special exhibitions as well as music events make for a rich and varied programme. More...

Rooms at the town hall

You can book rooms for conferences, seminars, fairs etc. with us. We are happy to help you with the planning and execution of your event. We regret to say that we cannot host private parties.

Mr Kroeger
Tel. 040 - 535 95 167

Mrs Tietgen
Tel. 040 - 535 95 168

E-Mail: r-o@norderstedt.de

Usage application form for rooms at the town hall [PDF: 113 kB]
GTC/rates [PDF: 122 kB]

Stadtbücherei [city library]

The city libraries in Norderstedt regularly host readings for adults and children, often also with accompanying live music. More...

School assembly halls

Aula Schulzentrum-Süd
Poppenbütteler Str. 230
22851 Norderstedt

Grundschule Harksheide-Nord (multi-purpose hall, capacity: 150 people)
Weg am Denkmal 9 A
22844 Norderstedt 

Coppernicus-Gymnasium (assembly hall, capacity: 199 people)
Coppernicusstr. 1
2850 Norderstedt 

Willy-Brandt-Schule (refectory, capacity: 199 people)
Lütjenmoor 7
22850 Norderstedt

Lessing Gymnasium/Schulzentrum Nord (forum, capacity: 200 people)
Moorbekstr. 15
22846 Norderstedt

Bookings for the above listed school assembly halls can be made with Ms Westphal at the Amt für Schule, Sport und Kindertagesstätten, Fachbereich Schule und Sport [office for schools, sports and nurseries]: Tel. 040 - 535 95 131.



Volkshochschule [adult education centre]


Music Star [venue]


The Music Star regularly hosts concerts with national and international musicians. More...

SPD podium [venue]


The SPD podium regularly hosts cabaret events under the motto of “SPD kultig”. More...


Some churches regularly host events such as concerts, readings etc.

Kirchengemeinde Harksheide More...
Emmaus-Kirchengemeinde Norderstedt / Christuskirche Garstedt More...
Emmaus-Kirchengemeinde Norderstedt / Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche More...
Johannes-Kirchengemeinde Norderstedt-Friedrichsgabe More...
Vicelin-Schalom Kirchengemeinde More...

Kunsthaus Norderstedt [arts venue]

The Kunsthaus Norderstedt is home to four societies: Malimu Kulturverein, Kunstkreis Norderstedt, Neues Theater Norderstedt and Theater Pur – Junges Theater Norderstedt. A regular programme of courses and talks takes place here.

Kunsthaus Norderstedt
Glashütter Damm 292
22851 Norderstedt

Manfred Thiel
Tel. 040 - 529 50 178
E-Mail: manfred.thiel@wtnet.de

Stadtpark Norderstedt [city park]



The city park is the perfect destination for leisure time excursions, nature lovers, people who want to relax and activity fans. The lake park, forest park and meadows park cover 720,000 square metres and invite children and adults to explore and wind down. More...


Steertpoggsaal [venue]


In this venue take place theatre and concert events. The Steertpogg hall has a capacity for 199 people.

Mr Kroeger
Tel. 040 - 535 95 167

E-Mail: r-o@norderstedt.de

Usage application form for Steertpogg hall