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Volkshochschule Norderstedt [adult education centre]

The adult education centre, which is part of the education centre Bildungswerke Norderstedt, is one of the largest in the country. Every year, it offers approx. 1,100 courses for personal and vocational training and also supports nurseries and schools in their educational mandate.

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The current programme of the adult education centre

Twice a year, the new course programme is published in printed form and distributed to all households. A little in advance, the course programme is published online and can also be obtained from the city library Norderstedt. You can register for courses at the VHS centre or make use of the online registration form.


Vocational training for companies

As of more than 20 years ago, the VHS Norderstedt has been a recognised provider of vocational training courses for companies. We offer training in the areas of languages, IT, accounting and health – individually tailored to your company’s needs. A more knowledgeable workforce always pays off!


At the VHS centre you can register for courses and get information on courses, but you can also get tourism tips and buy souvenirs of Norderstedt.

Junge Menschen Gruppe multikulturell

We offer integration courses and advice on further education for migrants, the DaZ centre for language support in schools as well as events that connect people from various backgrounds.

Jugendliche mit Lernmitteln

Boys and girls who are looking for exciting courses, who want to spend their leisure time with friends and who want to explore new things should contact the young education centre. A wealth of learning opportunities and activities is on offer.


Mastering everyday life or work is very difficult without sufficient reading and writing skills. So please pass on the message: the Alpha-Zentrum Norderstedt is offering reading and writing courses.

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