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Music school

Under the motto “From Renaissance to Rock – professional music lessons for all the family”, approx. 2.300 children, youths and adults are currently being taught by 50 highly qualified teachers. The subjects on offer include more than 20 instruments, taught at 21 venues throughout Norderstedt in a citizen-orientated way. Since 1 February 2012, the Musikschul-Kubus by the Stadtpark is also a music school venue.

The music school also accommodates several choirs, bands, chamber music groups, the Norderstedt flute ensemble and the Norderstedt symphony orchestra. People who prefer to explore music on a more theoretical level might like to join “Treffpunkt Konzert” [meeting point concert] or “In 80 Takten um die Welt” [Around the world in 80 bars].

The music school is member in Verband deutscher Musikschulen (VdM).

Musikschule musikunterricht kleine
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For the youngest...

The music school Norderstedt offers a comprehensive musical programme for children from 1 1/2 years of age. For more information, please look at the following pages.

Musikschule startseite musikschule geige
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Learning an instrument

From the age of 6, children can start learning an instrument.

gemeinsam musizieren
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Music ensembles enable the pupils to apply what they have learned during lessons and to gain new experiences together with other musicians.

bei uns kann man nicht nur musizieren
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The music theatre academy offers children and youths a great range of classes. The so-called “Kreativkarussel” is a foundation class with four subjects.

Musikschule auf der Bühne
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Music students show what they have learned on stage. This is always a great experience for everyone involved.


Leitung/Geschäftsstelle Kulturstiftung
Rüdiger George
Raum 164
Tel. 040 - 535 95 164
Fax 040 - 535 95 609
E-Mail: ruediger.george@norderstedt.de

stellvertretende Leitung
Karl-Friedrich Schranz
Raum 163
Tel. 040 - 535 95 156


Sandra Vesterling
Raum 163
Tel. 040 - 535 95 163
Fax 040 - 535 95 609
E-Mail: Sandra.vesterling@norderstedt.de