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Cycling tours

Dear cycling friends,

This leaflet details all the signposted cycling routes of Norderstedt. Short and direct paths will take you from one district to another and enable you to easily get to all the central parts of the city where you can enjoy the shops, leisure activities and cultural events. Most routes are away from heavily trafficked streets and take you through our greenway system, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some nature.

Unterwegs mit dem Rad 

You can also explore our beautiful nature by bike, e.g. the mysterious moorlands in the west and the east of the city, the cosy forest in Styhagen or the meadows by the Tarpenbek stream. And you can easily expand the tours into our neighbouring communities. A few options are included in the leaflet.

I very much hope you will follow my invitation to explore our network of cycling paths and wish you peaceful and relaxed cycling – regardless of whether you are on your way to work, on your way to the shops or simply enjoying your leisure time.. To the map of cycling paths... (PDF - 5,8 MB)