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Themed trails in Norderstedt

The concept of the themed trails 

Themenrundweg Klänge


Themnrundweg Alsterland


Themenrundweg Styhagen


Themenrundweg Spielplatz


Themenrundweg Sonne


Themenrundweg Klänge

  Themenrundweg Tarpenbekniederung

Relaxation is closer than we often think!

Special natural environments such as moors and wetland areas, meadows and old forests can be found across the entire municipal area of Norderstedt – often little known and little frequented, so ideal for a trip. There are seven round trails with a total length of 80 kilometres just waiting to be explored on foot or by bike. The trails are themed, turning every excursion into a special experience. For example, learn...

    ...why you can hear and how sounds are made.

    ...which animals and plants like to have “wet feet”.

    ...what jobs a workhorse takes on in the forest.

    ...how the sun affects our lives.

Names and symbols identify the special features of each individual trail.

The round trails are all easily accessible from every district in Norderstedt, but they are nonetheless quite far away from busy roads. The city administration is constantly maintaining, expanding and signposting the trails – for the benefit of all of us!

To the concept of the round trails

The seven kilometre long “trail of sounds” was the first completely finished themed round trail. Two other round trails in the Tarpenbek valley and in the Alsterland have opened on 25 September 2012. These two themed round trails focus on nature conservation. Over the last few months, approx. 40 different nature experience stations dealing with the habitats “woodland and moors” and “waters and urban outskirts” have been installed. Actively experiencing nature with all your senses has been proven to further the understanding of the need to protect the biological diversity. Nature and species conservation measures for animals and plants, adventure equipment and targeted information enrich the rails and offer all nature explorers a fantastic destination in Norderstedt.

All three themed round trails are signposted:  the white/green cycling path signposts with additional symbols show the way – e.g. with notes (for the round trail of sounds), with a brook (for the round trail in the Tarpenbek valley) and with a sailing boat (for the round trail in the Alsterland). In addition, green arm-shaped signposts and smaller on-the-way signposts with the “little hiking man” show, where you can go on themed detours, e.g. to the old orchard in Ossenmoorpark, to the old beech tree by Seebarg or through the Tangstedt forest.

Handy pocket-sized flyers with maps of the two new round trails and the positions of the nature adventure stations are available from the town hall and all city libraries. If you are interested, make sure you go and get one – they are free!

The development of paths and the building of picnic areas etc. is being subsidised by the EU, which supports the active region Alsterland.

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Guided adventure tours: “Exploring the natural treasures of Norderstedt”

The car-free Sunday on Ulzburger Straße signalled the start of the European Mobility Week 2012. In the following week, more than 70 nature enthusiasts offered daily guided walking tours to the natural treasures of Norderstedt. A varied programme of guided adventure walks along the new round trails in the Tarpenbek valley, Alsterland, Glasmoor and Wittmoor as well as a family afternoon on the round trail of sounds nicely rounded off the end of summer for participants of all ages.

Listen to the call of the cranes or the evening chorus of the birds, sense the fluttering wings of a dragonfly, smell the heather and feel the soft peaty soil of the moor – you will find out curious and interesting facts about the animal and plant kingdoms on guided tours through the forests and moors of Norderstedt. Knock on tree trunks on the trail of the woodpecker or dance a summer melody on the glockenspiel. Sounds and hearing can be playfully explored on the guided adventure tour along the round trail of sounds.

The programme: Jeden Tag auf Schusters Rappen unterwegs [daily exploration trips on foot] [PDF: 196 kB]

You can also book individual tours directly with our three qualified and experienced nature guides: Marlene Dinzen (core interests/competencies: birds, moors and insects, especially dragonflies) at mdinzen@wtnet.de,  Ingrid Melzer (core interests/competencies: literary walks) at ingrid.melzer@gmx.de and Jürgen Feddern (core interests/competencies: nature, landscape, connection to the city and the people, singing) at juergenfeddernZNL@gmx.de.

For more information, please visit the nature and landscape guides’ homepage for the active region “AktivRegion Alsterland”.

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Rundweg Melzer Rundweg Feddern Rundweg Dinzen

To the round trail of sounds...

Themenrundweg Klänge   To the round trail of sounds...

To the round trail Alsterland...

Rundweg im Alstertal  

To the flyer [PDF: 1,9 MB]


To AktivRegion Alsterland...


Round trail in the Tarpenbek valley



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