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City planning

Norderstedt is a lively and constantly developing city. Due to its location in a growing metropolitan area, we are always on the lookout for new development opportunities, but we are also keen to leave enough greenery and free spaces in between. City planning is trying to regulate the development of the city on various planning levels and through a number of different planning instruments so as to ensure a sustainable city growth. Numerous current building and planning projects show the diversity of the city’s development. On the following pages, you can get an overview of which plans have been approved and which projects are underway.



Urban land-use plans under discussion

A number of urban land-use plans, but also changes to the current land development plan, are under discussion. Public participation, information events and participation of representatives of public interests are part of the process. Here you can find information on how far along the individual urban land-use plans are.


Special projects

An example of an important development project in Norderstedt: the redevelopment measures on Ulzburger Straße between Rathausallee and Harckesheyde. The integrated city development concept 2030 (ISEK) and the housing market concept are also currently being realised...


E.g. Urban land-use planning, development plans, right of pre-emption waivers...


All legally valid development plans of the city of Norderstedt...


Building in Norderstedt...


Frequently asked questions and answers regarding urban land-use planning...