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Nature and landscape

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Tree protection

The protection status of trees / the way trees are treated in the city of Norderstedt is down to a number of individual regulations concerning protection periods, local bye-laws or statutory provisions. Irrespective of the later responsibility of the approval agency, please contact the city council first. You can also receive a donated tree (tree donation campaign 2013).

LGS Waldweg am Nordwestufer

Current building and open space planning

Both the urban landscape and the open landscape are subject to changing demands and frameworks (laws, climate change), and the city council is adapting and reacting with new or revised plans.

Rathausallee mit Straßenbäumen

The landscape and open space planning regulations determine the way nature is treated in current development plans...

Baustelle Kirchenstraße

What do you need to bear in mind regarding nature protection when building? ...

Willy-Brandt-Park Drache

Norderstedt has a system of greenways with parks, hiking trails, playgrounds and much more...

Blick ins Ohemoor

Norderstedt is home to an impressive amount of nature: ancient moors, historic hedgerows or...