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Agenda 21

Everything that has anything to do with sustainable development comes together at the Norderstedt Agenda office. So, should you have any questions or suggestions regarding Agenda 21 topics, you are very welcome to contact us at:


Sustainability competition “ZukunftsWerkStadt”: Norderstedt receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Norderstedt has reached the second round in the sustainability competition “ZukunftsWerkStadt”. After having been accepted into the exclusive circle of the just 27 communities invited to the competition, this constitutes already the next commendation for Norderstedt on its way to a sustainable development. With the aim of becoming a zero-emission city by 2040, Norderstedt is now one of the 16 cities and communities remaining in the competition that were able to convince the jury of the feasibility of their plans.

The federal minister Annette Schavan congratulated the city of Norderstedt and praised the integrative approach of its concept [PDF: 177 KB]. “The sustainable development of cities is an important innovational and political field of the German High-Tech Strategy 2020,” said Schavan. “The project ‘ZukunftsWerkStadt’ integrates citizens right from the start.”


By the end of June, Norderstedt aims to have prepared and implemented a wide participation process to gather creative ideas on how to make the city carbon-neutral. If the jury is once again convinced by the ideas, Norderstedt may get up to 250,000 EUR to realise them. The ideas that involve somebody who is capable of realising them naturally have the best chances. We are looking forward to the competition!       


Press release from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


ZukunftsWerkStadt  ZukunftsWerkStadt  

Decision by the city council

   Bild für Beschluss Stadtvertretung The exact wording of the decision by the city council on the Agenda 21 process in Norderstedt can be viewed  here [PDF: 43 kB] .

Original wording of Agenda 21

   Welt im Gleichgewicht

1992: The result of the UN conference in Rio, at which an international agreement concerning sustainable development was reached, can be viewed via this Link [PDF: 895 kB]


2002: “Perspectiven für Deutschland” [perspectives for Germany], the  national sustainability strategy introduced by the government [PDF: 2,1 MB]  


2012: the progress report “Fortschrittsbericht 2012” on the ational sustainability strategy [PDF: 4,8 MB]   ational sustainability strategy [PDF: 4,8 MB]

Education for a sustainable development

   Bild für Bildung nachhaltige Entwicklung If you want to know more about free education programmes in Norderstedt here [PDF: 84 kB] .

FAIRflixt goot! Norderstedt coffee

Bild für FAIRflixt The city’s own coffee constitutes an exemplary cooperation project for sustainable development [PDF: 3,1 MB] .

Sustainability in Norderstedt

Scrabble Nachhaltig  

Already since 1999, a number of different campaigns and events have taken place to further sustainable development in Norderstedt. Here is an overview of what has been happening.

Fairtrade towns


The city council decided on 14 February 2012 that Norderstedt will take part in the campaign “Fairtrade Towns” and strive to be awarded the title “Fairtrade Stadt”.

The exact wording of this decision can be viewed here [PDF: 86 kB]  

Kampagnen Flyer: Flyer [PDF: 1,2 MB]
Aktionsleitfaden: Leitfaden [PDF: 2,5 MB]  
Kriterienkatalog: Kriterien [PDF: 68 kB]

Norderstedt offers a wide range of fairtrade products. Here is a list of fairtrade shops in Norderstedt [PDF: 52 kB]

Exhibition series in collaboration with the Stadtmuseum Norderstedt [city museum] 2007 – 2009 – 2011

 Logo Stadtmuseum  

The Stadtmuseum Norderstedt hosted three special exhibitions [PDF: 503 kB]  on the topic of sustainable development within the context of the garden festival “Landesgartenschau Norderstedt 2011”. 

The contents of the last exhibition on moors and peat can be viewed here:  Geschichte - Nutzung - Lebensraum [PDF: 1,7 MB]


Good examples


The importance of discussing (strategic) questions about sustainable development is continually increasing, also for a city such as Norderstedt. 

It is necessary to always lead the term “sustainable development”, which can be interpreted in many ways, back to its original idea. According to the definition by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development as specified by Chairman Gro Harlem Brundtland in 1987, sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With various campaigns, Norderstedt is doing its bit to create a sustainable world. 

A few select publications the city has contributed to, offer interesting opportunities to explore the topic more profoundly.

Since the beginning of 2010 and following the invitation of the Council for Sustainable Development, the mayors of meanwhile twenty German cities meet up regularly to discuss strategic matters of sustainable development. A documentation of these dialogues, to which the mayor of Norderstedt, Hans-Joachim Grote, has contributed, can be viewed here: Strategische Eckunkte für eine nachaltige Entwicklung in Kommunen [PDF: 2.1 MB].

English version: "Strategic Cornerstones for Sustainable Development in Municipalities"                 

This spawned the publication “Städte für ein nachhaltiges Deutschland” [cities for a sustainable Germany] by the German institute for town planning, the Difu [PDF: 2.7 MB]. The Mayor of Norderstedt, Hans-Joachim Grote, also contributed to this paper. It shows, based on many concrete examples, the great opportunities sustainable development brings along for cities.                    

The practical brochure on integrating sustainability processes into local politics, “Gemeinsam Fahrt aufnehmen – Komunale Politik- und Nachhaltigkeitsprozesse integrieren”, offers a whole range of suggestions on how politics, administration and civil society can jointly promote sustainability. Here, once again, Norderstedt serves as a good example.                      

Roads to success – how the transfer of local sustainability projects can be achieved       

Sustainable development will only succeed, if many people act sustainably in their respective living environments. Especially local projects and campaigns offer the possibility to show what responsible behaviour can actually do for us in the long run. This publication details recommendations on how to strategically spread ideas for sustainability projects and offers check lists for what to bear in mind.                     

Local communities are leading the way – join them! An argumentative compass for communal sustainability               

Local communities are leading the way – join them! 

This publication primarily wants to give local communities help in explaining the benefits of sustainable development in an understandable and memorable way.

Simultaneously, the brochure details arguments for local campaigners who want to create a broad alliance for sustainable development in their city.