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Taking action for a safe Norderstedt

Several projects and action plans have been called into life to make the citizens of Norderstedt feel safe. Here you can find information on the respective measures.

The crime prevention council Norderstedt

The crime prevention council was founded in 1995 by the magistrate of the city of Norderstedt. Its aim is to develop and implement measures that strengthen the citizens’ feeling of being safe and that create an environment that discourages wrongdoing. To this end, experts, people concerned and interested citizens collaborate. Everybody’s voluntary work in this matter is greatly appreciated. The crime prevention council Norderstedt works on two levels. The leading group fulfils the following tasks:


  •          Gathering suggestions from work groups, projects and initiatives
  •          Planning, organising and implementing central measures
  •          Assigning funds
  •          Realising PR work
  •          Keeping in contact with the regional office for crime prevention

The leading group works under the direction of Mayor Hans-Joachim Grote.

Further members are:

The director of the police station Norderstedt, Dieter Aulich

The director of the criminal investigation department Norderstedt, Frank Liedtke

The director of the regulatory agency, Rüdiger Müller-Baran

The director of the youth welfare office, Klaus Struckmann

The directing group meets whenever necessary, but at least twice a year. One of these meetings includes the spokespersons of every work group, so as to evaluate the ongoing measures and to discuss the annual programme. The development and the implementation of the measures for the respective target groups take place within the work groups. Each work group has expert members from various professions/members with a connection to the focal point of the group. Currently there are two work groups:


  • Youth, spokesperson: Wolfgang Banse
  • Seniors, spokesperson: Reinhard Korehnke


Initiatives and projects of the crime prevention council in 2010:

  •          Underground station Norderstedt-Mitte
  •          Prevention of violence at Kindergartens
  •          Playground in Glashütte
  •          Emergency island project
  •          Work group youth with the projects “Plan haben” [having a plan] and “Gewalt macht keine Schule” [no violence at schools]
  •          Work group seniors

For more information, please take a look at the annual report on the Homepageof the crime prevention council.